beach2 SAINT PETERSBURG BEACH, FLORIDA LUXURY LEISURE TOUR - February 10 – March 1    Tour #2014202    20 Days Double: $2599    Triple: $2209    Single: $4079    Deposit: $400 EARLY BOOKING REMINDER: This tour requires a very early reservation due to the strict demands of the hotels and resorts. Join us for … Continue reading
washington-cherry WASHINGTON, D.C. CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME - March 24-28    Tour #2014302    5 Days Double: $629    Triple: $579    Single: $879    Deposit: $150 The beauty and majesty of our nation’s capital city is apparent anytime of the year, but it is especially enchanting during Cherry Blossom time. Let this … Continue reading
empire_state NEW YORK SCHOOL BREAK - March 31 – April 4   Tour #2014403      5 Days Double: $869    Triple: $779    Single: $1159    Deposit: $200 If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a visit to New York City could easily be worth a million! On this … Continue reading
RioLAMANSION(CMYK) SAN ANTONIO FIESTA DAYS - April 22-29    Tour # 2014402    8 Days Double: $1109     Triple: $999     Single: $1609     Deposit: $250 The excitement of this celebration mounts as you anticipate the songs, music, dances, and parades of Fiesta time! You will love our deluxe accommodations in … Continue reading
Casino Concept with cards, dice and chips TUNICA, MISSISSIPPI SAM’S TOWN CASINO - April 23-25    Tour # 2014407    3 Days Double: $229    Triple: $219    Single: $269    Deposit: $100 All bets are on! C’mon and get lucky and “strike it rich” as we travel to Tunica, Mississippi, a small community that has been transformed … Continue reading
Smoky Mountain National Park SPRING IN THE SMOKIES - April 10-12     Tour #2014409      3 Days Double: $369      Triple: $349.00      Single: $439.00     Deposit: $100 There is fun to be had all over the map in the cities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains … Continue reading
Holland_Tulip HOLLAND TULIP FESTIVAL - May 8-11    Tour #2014510    4 Days Double: $699    Triple: $639    Single: $969    Deposit: $150 Do you like parades, folk dancing and learning the culture of other lands? Then come with us to Holland, Michigan, where residents celebrate their Dutch heritage … Continue reading
IndianaAmish INDIANA AMISH - May 17 Tour #2014504 Cost: $72 Today we visit the Amish County of Central Indiana. Our local guide takes us on a tour of the countryside, with stops at an Amish home for a delicious lunch, an Amish bakery and … Continue reading
magnolia-bridge SPRINGTIME IN THE OLD SOUTH - May 17-24    Tour #2014506    8 Days Double: $1259    Triple: $1139    Single: $1769    Deposit: $250 Come with Shockey Tours to experience two of the south’s most beautiful and romantic cities – historic Charleston, South Carolina and charming Savannah, Georgia. Charleston and … Continue reading
golden gate CALIFORNIA – Here We Come! - May 28 – June 12    Tour #2014528    16 Days Double: $2189    Triple: $1999    Single: $3119    Deposit: $400 A land of movie stars, gold rushes, redwood forests and astonishing beauty, California has captured the imagination of the world ever since Americans … Continue reading
niagrafalls NIAGARA FALLS CANADIAN & AMERICAN - June 3-6     Tour #2014609     4 Days Double: $429    Triple: $409    Single: $559    Deposit: $100 This comprehensive tour includes the natural beauty of Canada’s Horseshoe Falls and the majestic power of our own American Falls. Come witness the thundering, … Continue reading
Willis-Tower-Sears CHICAGO EXPLORATION - June 3-6     Tour #2014616     4 Days Double: $709    Triple: $669    Single: $909    Deposit: $150 The “Windy City” of Chicago has it all and these four days are designed to see as much of it as possible! Come and … Continue reading
Memphis Graceland MEMPHIS – TUPELO & GRACELAND ELVIS PRESLEY’S HEARTBREAK HOTEL - June 4-7     Tour #2014610     4 Days Double: $509    Triple: $479    Single: $689    Deposit: $150 This great little getaway combines the homes of Elvis Presley, from his birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi to his mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. Our lodging … Continue reading
chesapeake bay bridge ASSATEAGUE ISLAND – TANGIER ISLAND – CHESAPEAKE BAY - June 9-14     Tour # 2014621     6 Days Double: $849    Triple: $799    Single: $1109    Deposit: $150 What a variety of delights and pleasures this tour offers! You’ll enjoy the Tidewater area of Virginia, the beauty of Tangier Island, the … Continue reading
amish OHIO AMISH SAMPLER - June 11-14     Tour # 2014619     4 Days Double: $479    Triple: $459    Single: $609    Deposit: $150 Come to the rolling hills and valleys of Northern Ohio, where lush green countryside combined with golden fields of grain create a visual … Continue reading
Grand Hotel1 LILAC FESTIVAL MACKINAC ISLAND - June 16-20     Tour #2014604     5 Days Double: $709    Triple: $649    Single: $999    Deposit: $150 Come to beautiful Mackinac Island, the “Bermuda of the North.” Take a step back to “somewhere in time,” to an island where no motorized … Continue reading
JT.MGW.Den-12_MG_1143 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - June 16-20    Tour #2014627    5 Days Double: $649    Triple: $599    Single: $899    Deposit: $150 Join us as head south to the beautiful “Crescent City” of New Orleans, Louisiana, situated in a bend of the mighty Mississippi River. We have included … Continue reading
Norfolk Botanical Garden VIRGINIA BEACH IN THE SUMMER - June 16-21     Tour #2014617     6 Days Double: $1129    Triple: $949    Single: $1519    Deposit: $200 Virginia Beach is the “World’s Largest Pleasure Beach” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Here, the ocean, sun and fun come together … Continue reading
New South Quartet BRANSON SHOWTIME Featuring Jonah at Sight & Sound Theater - June 23-27     Tour #2014601     5 Days Double: $749    Triple: $729    Single: $889    Deposit: $150 Come to the rugged beauty of the Ozark Mountains, to the picturesque town of Branson, whose array of music shows cannot be matched. Featuring … Continue reading
Moses_Image “MOSES” AND THE PENNSYLVANIA AMISH SIGHT & SOUND THEATER - June 24-27     Tour #2014624      4 Days Double: $519    Triple: $499    Single: $649    Deposit: $150 The greatest Biblical epic of the Old Testament comes to life on the Sight & Sound stage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – “Moses”. Journey … Continue reading
shirley-plantation MID-ATLANTIC COAST ADVENTURE - June 27 – July 3    Tour #2014628    7 Days Double: $1099    Triple: $989    Single: $1589    Deposit: $200 The Mid-Atlantic Coast is an incomparable national treasure. Ecologically endangered in the last century, it is once again a haven for wildlife of … Continue reading
Independence-Hall SPIRIT OF AMERICA – Philadelphia – Boston – New York City - July 1-7     Tour #2014714     7 Days Double: $829    Triple: $769    Single: $1129    Deposit: $150 This new getaway during the Fourth of July season offers our travelers an opportunity to journey back to the beginnings of Colonial America and … Continue reading
Dueling Banjos BRANSON FUN TOUR - July 7-11     Tour #2014718     5 Days Double: $669    Triple: $649    Single: $819    Deposit: $150 Parents and grandparents bring your children, your grandchildren or just yourself on this fabulous fun tour! Branson, Missouri in the heart of the beautiful … Continue reading
MarkTwain ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER FAMILY FUNSCAPE - July 11-13     Tour #2014701     3 Days Double: $409    Triple: $389    Single: $529    Deposit: $100 Let’s go to Hannibal, Missouri and join Tom & Becky on an adventure in this historic town on the Mississippi River! Hannibal is the … Continue reading
july2014 NEW YORK SPECTACULAR - July 14-19     Tour #2014704     6 Days Double: $1119    Triple: $1019    Single: $1429    Deposit: $250 New York City is the nation’s number one travel destination. Its appeal is like a magnet, drawing the visitor back again and again to … Continue reading
Tommy-Bartlett-Ski YELLOWSTONE, DAKOTAS, BADLANDS - July 15-26     Tour #2014716     12 Days Double: $1699    Triple: $1549    Single: $2419    Deposit: $300 Saddle up and join our wagon train and experience a mix of wonders as we ride the trails to some of the most famous … Continue reading
Tecumseh TECUMSEH - July 18-19     Tour #2014710     2 Days Double: $289    Triple: $269    Single: $339    Deposit: $100 On the green-forested slopes of Ohio’s Sugarloaf Mountain, history lives again! Witness the spectacular reenactment of the life and death of the great Shawnee … Continue reading
Margaret Todd Reflection NEW ENGLAND SUMMER RAMBLE BAR HARBOR AND NEW YORK STATE - July 22 – August 3    Tour #2014708    13 Days Double: $2189    Triple: $1979    Single: $3089    Deposit: $250 Shockey Tours promises you a number of singular experiences on this new summertime adventure to New England and New York State. The summer … Continue reading
Western-Maryland-Scenic-Railway WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN MAGIC - July 23-26    Tour #2014712    4 Days Double: $509    Triple: $479    Single: $669    Deposit: $100 Come away to the lush green mountains of West Virginia, where interstates meet country roads and take the traveler on a delightful journey to some of … Continue reading
Grand Hotel1 GRAND HOTEL DELUXE MACKINAC ISLAND - August 11-15     Tour #2014805    5 Days Double: $919    Triple: $839    Single: $1299    Deposit: $200 The mystique of Michigan is more than just water. It is its cities, beaches, historic islands, farmland, forests and famous industries – and for us, it is … Continue reading
black hills BLACK HILLS – GRAND TETONS – CANADIAN ROCKIES - August 11-24    Tour #2014807     14 Days Double: $2059    Triple: $1869    Single: $2919    Deposit: $350 Spectacular sights await you on this incredible trip to the Northwest. Multi-colored wastelands, uniquely formed gullies, eroded pinnacles of sandstone, towering waterfalls and majestic snow-capped … Continue reading
Dells Boat ride LITTLE BROWN CHURCH IN THE VALE MALL OF AMERICA WISCONSIN DELLS - August 18-22     Tour #2014809    5 Days Double: $689    Triple: $639    Single: $889    Deposit: $150 “Oh, come to the church in the wildwood!” Join Shockey Tours for a fabulous time in the Vale and the Dell. This delightful little mini vacation is … Continue reading
New-Mexico ENCHANTING NEW MEXICO Taos – Santa Fe – Albuquerque - September 5-14    Tour #2014915     10 Days Double: $1299    Triple: $1229    Single: $1749    Deposit: $200 Come capture the spirit of New Mexico with this enchanting tour. New Mexico’s breathtaking landscapes, awesome beauty and unique heritage of Native American, Hispanic and … Continue reading
JIClubHotel TREASURES ALONG THE COAST Myrtle Beach – Tybee Island – Hilton Head – St. Simons Island – Jekyll Island - September 6-11     Tour #2014921     6 Days Double: $919    Triple: $869    Single: $1199    Deposit: $150 Come to the beauty of the coastal islands along the Atlantic Ocean. Weathered by sun, wind and rain, these islands have developed their own … Continue reading
niagra-5 KICK-OFF FALL CANADIAN STYLE - September 9-12     Tour #2014912     4 Days Double: $569    Triple: $549    Single: $699    Deposit: $150 This colorful fall getaway includes the natural beauty of Canada’s Horseshoe Falls. Come witness the thundering, churning waters of this natural wonder as well … Continue reading
Sight & Sound Theater BRANSON SHOWTIME Featuring Jonah at Sight and Sound Theatre - September 15-19    Tour #2014911    5 Days Double: $739    Triple: $719    Single: $889    Deposit: $150 Come to the rugged beauty of the Ozark Mountains, to the picturesque town of Branson, whose array of music shows cannot be matched. Featuring Jonah at … Continue reading
empire_state NEW YORK – ATLANTIC CITY - September 15-20     Tour #2014905     6 Days Double: $1129    Triple: $989    Single: $1569    Deposit: $250 The most beguiling city in the world, New York City is an adrenaline-charged, history-laden place that holds immense romantic appeal for visitors. Wandering the streets here, … Continue reading
lakeplacid AUTUMN GOLD NANTUCKET & MARTHA’S VINEYARD - September 25 – October 7   Tour #2014923   13 Days Double: $1909    Triple: $1739    Single: $2719    Deposit: $350 Join Shockey Tours as we head to the beauty and bounty of New England. Its mountains ablaze with autumn’s golden colors and its … Continue reading
quartet NATIONAL QUARTET CONVENTION - September 25-28     Tour #2014906     4 Days Double: $619.00     Triple: $579.00     Single: $749.00     Deposit: $150 Deep in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains is where you will hear voices ringing out in song and praise. The National Quartet Convention in … Continue reading
HousePeonies NEW ENGLAND FALL FOLIAGE 10 DAY SPECTACULAR - October 3-12     Tour #20141003     10 Days Double: $1309    Triple: $1199    Single: $1839    Deposit: $200 Why not make this the year, and this fall the time, to come with Shockey Tours to New England, where quaint villages, picturesque mountain … Continue reading
New-River-Gorge-Bridge AMTRAK NEW RIVER TRAIN EXCURSION - October 17-19     Tour #20141009     3 Days Double: $509    Triple: $489    Single: $629    Deposit: $100 For only two weeks each October, when the leaves are turning color in West Virginia’s New River Gorge can we offer this great little … Continue reading
Smoky Autumn FALL IN THE SMOKIES - October 19-21     Tour #20141001     3 Days Double: $409.00     Triple: $369.00      Single: $519.00     Deposit: $100 There is fun to be had all over the map in the cities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains National … Continue reading
Red_River_Gorge RED RIVER GORGE - October 25   Tour #20141017   Cost: $79 This colorful fall foliage excursion to the Red River Gorge in Daniel Boone National Forest includes a delicious lunch at the Natural Bridge State Resort Park Lodge. After lunch, we drive into the gorge … Continue reading
IndianaAmish INDIANA AMISH - November 8    Tour #20141105 Cost: $72 Today we visit the Amish County of Central Indiana. Our local guide takes us on a tour of the countryside, with stops at an Amish home for a delicious lunch, an Amish bakery and … Continue reading
Christkindlmarket FERDINAND CHRISTKINDLMARKET - November 15     Tour #20141110     Cost: $59 Join us for a fun-filled Christmas celebration. Our first stop will be at the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception for a guided tour of this magnificent domed church. Next, we travel to … Continue reading
CHICAGO THEATER CHICAGO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING - November 19-21    Tour #20141107    3 Days Double: $429    Triple: $399    Single: $549    Deposit: $100 There is no other city that decorates for the holidays quite like Chicago! Add to that a fantastic show and a chance to tour Chicago “Gangster” … Continue reading
nov2014 NEW YORK THANKSGIVING PARADE - November 25-29    Tour #20141106    5 Days Double: $809     Triple: $729    Single: $1069    Deposit: $250 Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy what only New York City can offer at Thanksgiving time. Being at, as well as a part of, “Macy’s … Continue reading
branson3 BRANSON CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - December 1-5    Tour #20141206    5 Days Double: $729    Triple: $719    Single: $889    Deposit: $150 This five-day Christmas tour includes all the wonderful Branson Christmas shows! We have personally selected Christmas shows that are the best of the best, and we … Continue reading
RockettesTinSoldier OPRYLAND COUNTRY CHRISTMAS – WITH ROCKETTES - December 5-7     Tour #20141201     3 Days Double: $569    Triple: $509    Single: $769    Deposit: $150 This three-day package enjoys two nights at the dazzling Opryland Hotel, which is magnificently decorated for the holidays. We will have time to browse … Continue reading
NY1 NEW YORK CHRISTMAS Sights & Shopping - December 8-12    Tour #20141209    5 Days Double: $739      Triple: $669      Single: $999      Deposit: $250 Let’s face it: New York City knows how to do the holidays like no other city in the world! Even before the first … Continue reading
ChristmasOpry SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS - December 9-11     Tour #20141203     3 Days Double: $369.00     Triple: $339.00     Single: $439.00     Deposit: $100 The cities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee are top winter destinations for families. During the Christmas season, these small towns nestled in the Smoky Mountains … Continue reading
Carriage_2 GREENBRIER RESORT AT CHRISTMAS - December 10-12    Tour #20141204    3 Days Double: $769    Triple: $689    Single: $1019    Deposit: $150 The 5-diamond Greenbrier Resort is magnificent anytime of the year, but it is unbelievable at Christmas time. This world-renowned, award-winning resort, nestled on sixty-five hundred acres … Continue reading
shockeychristmas Annual Christmas Luncheon - December 14, 2014      Tour #20141211      12:30pm – 4:00pm       $45.00 Lexington Marriott, Griffin Gate Resort

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