Indiana Amish- May 13 Tour #2017504  Cost: $78 Today we visit the Amish County of Central Indiana. Our local guide takes us on a tour of the countryside, with stops at an Amish home for a delicious lunch, an Amish bakery and quilt shop and then shopping in an authentic Amish Village. There will be plenty of time to browse […]Read More
Lighthouses and More- May 15-18 Tour #2017501 4 Days Double: $629    Triple: $579     Single: $839       Deposit: $150 Calling all you lighthouse buffs! At one time, more than 20 lighthouses dotted Ohio’s Lake Erie shore. About half of those are in ruins, or have burned or been torn down. Those that remain cast a nostalgic […]Read More
Sedona and The Great Southwest- May 15- 26 Tour # 2017515 12 Days Double: $1769    Triple: $1649    Single: $2659    Deposit: $350 When USA Today compiled a list of the Most Beautiful Places in America, Sedona, Arizona claimed the top spot. And no wonder! Nestled among a geological wonderland with multi-hued stone formations jutting upwards from the high desert floor, the Sedona area is […]Read More
Springtime in New York- May 8-12 Tour #2017508 5 Days Double: $759      Triple: $699      Single: $1109      Deposit: $200 Spring is an absolutely wonderful time to be in New York City. The weather is usually ever so pleasant; the city’s parks are in full bloom and the streets are alive with things to do, buy and […]Read More
Noah’s Ark- May 18 Tour #2017518 Cost: $79 The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky features a full-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. The largest timber-frame structure in the world, spanning seven stories tall and a football field and a half long, this modern engineering marvel amazes visitors young and old. From the friendly animals in […]Read More

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